Zone of Misfortune
2001-10-27 21:06:21 (UTC)


Going to eat in like 10 minutes, so this'll be brief...

Let's see, my dad just completly destroyed the purpose of a
second line today when he goes online on that one,
rendering the house call-less for hours...wasn't coo...

Also, cable show was thrown together on Friday, which is
going to kick the cow crap out of the mouths of the ELCO
show...featuring no fewer than 5 of my clips, i think.
Let's see, Ren faire, hamster, bedtime boogie, high five
friday and the yeah five that i helped on.

Um, other than that...this saturday really camera
so no clips this weekend, i work tomorow but i might get in
some paintballing for the tournament next sunday, and then
fun fun school beginnis again.

STupid tests