Alice In Oz

Home? Where exactly is home?
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2001-10-27 19:24:48 (UTC)

Does every thing revolve around you?!

K, so it's saturday now, and last night was one of the
worst night I have ever experienced! Ever have a bad trip
on E!??! No, didn't think so. Well, I did!!! I felt it at
first, eyes rolling, grinding teeth, and then BAM,
nothing....My roomate was dancing around and all I did for
4 hours was sit on my lazy ass and talk to some guy that
was trying to pick me up. He looked like my friend from BC
and he was really interesting so I didn't mind. Derek,
Chance's brother was there and he kept smilling at me, I
wanted to scream out, "Why the fuck didn't you fucking
brother call me?!?!?!??" I think that had something to do
with my badtrip too, cuz I kept hoping he would show up,
and then I was thinking of all my school work and
shit ... so yeah, that E sucked shit! Even my roomate
didn't like it that much.....

So afterwards, we headed to the guys place (Kyle was trying
to pick me up and his roomate was trying to pic Jessi up)
and we talked and shit and it was cool...

Now today, I slept forever and now I gotta go drinking
tonite!!!! I just wanna get out of the house cuz my
roomates are just annoying the fucking shit out of me!
seriously, I'm ready to gauge their eyes out! This one,
Tasha, is the dumbest person you'll ever fucking meet!
She's stupid, a total ditz, and shit man, she totally
doesn'T understand me and that pisses me off..... whatever,
I just hope that I get the chance to knock her out before
the end of our stay in res.