J's Journal
2001-10-27 19:09:38 (UTC)

I'm back finally....

I haven't written in a couple days becuase our phone lines
were taken out in this big ass storm that came through the
other day. It was crazy here. I thought we were having a
tornado or something. There were trees and limbs down
everywhere. But, it's all good now cause everything is
fixed again.
I got in so much trouble yesterday. My dad was yelling
at me saying he was going to kick me out and stuff, but I
know he wouldn't because I am pregnant. After he said
that, then he decides that he is going to leave, so he says
that when he gets back from work he wants all his clothes
clean cause he is finding somewhere else to live. I was
like whatever, cause he always says stupid shit like that.
This whole thing is over the damn phone bill too. I am not
supposed to be calling Kevin without a phonecard, but
sometimes they run out right in the middle of a great
conversation or something so I will call him back on the
phone. In the past I have racked up 400 or more on just my
calls. Plus, I dont make enough at my job to pay the
bills. I came up with the idea to put the phone in my name
though cause then I will be responsible to pay for it and
it wont be my parents problem anymore. I'm thinking if it
is my own bill I will be able to handle it cause I know
what I can pay and what I cant. So, now they are having it
switched over for me. I will be glad cause I am sick of
there bitching about it.
But, enough about that. Kevin tried to pull some crazy
shit on me last night too. Right in the middle of the
conversation he goes, "Jennifer we really have to talk as
just friends." I was like what?? I mean, my heart
literally sank in my chest and I was doing all I could not
to cry. He started to tell me why and it was because he
said he thought that was what I wanted to cause I tripped
on him the other night when he said he was going to see
some other girl in Indiana on the week of my birthday. I
over reacted though and didn't give him time to explain.
He says that is one reason why he thinks it would never
work between us. But, I explained things to him, and I
think its all ok again. I just got off the phone with him
a little bit ago, and he said he loved me so it sounds like
it's all good again. He is watching Preston today, and he
said he might taking him to the mall today to buy me my
sweatshirt. I hope so cause I really want one. He said if
I didn't like it he was going to say Preston picked it
out...LOL!! J