confused, permanently
2001-10-27 18:19:02 (UTC)

blackpool 26/11/01

Mike was meant to come with me to blackpool. He came up
With yet another excuse. We’ve been together bout 6 months
now and I love him even though he doesn’t treat me quite as
well as he could. in the end Lucy came with me. on the
coach on the way there we had a laugh talking bout things
that had happened in the past. I had a feeling we were
going to have a laugh that day. we had a long walk when we got
off the coach to the fair, had a burger king on the way.
when we eventually got there we headed straight for the big
one. I was shitting my self!! Lucy was hiding it but I
could tell she was too. there was hardly any queue so we
pretty much got on right away. I had my Nike had on because
it was raining and my hair was a bit buggered. this really
fit lad came and strapped us in and he told me id lose my
hat but I said it would be ok. he just laughed and walked
away. as the ride started and we went past him, I got a
really sweet smile off him. I smiled back. he was so good
looking even Lucy agreed. he was tall bout 6ft with blonde
hair, blue eyes.. how!! on the first drop I lost my hat,
I wasn’t happy. when we got back to the start I told the
fella that id lost my had and he said I told you so and
started laughing. he said see you around and gave me
another of his lovely smiles. I went all giddy and I
suddenly wasn’t scared anymore. when we got to the picture
bit, its raining men was playing really loud and me and
Lucy started singing it. we were singing it when we ran
through the gates and straight to the end of the queue. there
was some snotty biatch scanning our wristbands, she needed
a good banging! we got to the front of the queue and the
fella came up to us again saying that I should be showing
off my blonde hair instead of hiding it under a hat. I
couldn’t stop laughing it was a bit of a nervous thing, I
couldn’t help it cos he was so nice. when we got off that
time, we went straight back on and he wasn’t there. I
thought he might of finished work so I was a bit upset. we
went on a few other rides and went for a couple of drinks
before we decided to go on again. I was made up cos he was
back! when I got to the front I made a tit of myself
because I said where we you before? he had been on his
lunch break. I felt like such a knob, id made it so obvious
that I fancied him. we decided to guess what his name was
cos he was the only one without a name badge. Lucy said
nick but when we got to the top we decided he looked like a
lee. we got off the ride a few times later and went to the
picture bit. I bought my picture cos it was quite good. I
liked the man who was doing the pictures too, he was quite
nice, even nicer than "lee". Lucy asked him why he didn’t
have a name badge on and he opened his coat to reveal his
badge. it said lee!! we both started laughing. he seemed
quite scared and asked us why were laughing. I told him
about the fella upstairs who we had called lee. he was
asking what he looked like. when I told him he said that’s
Pete, he’s a twat who loves himself. he said that Pete
thought he was gods gift to women. we told lee we were
going home and he was giving us lickle cute waves. he was
nice. we were laughing about what he’d been saying bout Pete
and saying about him being gods gift to women. I looked up
and there was Pete!! I nearly died! he came up to us and we
said wave just been talking about you with lee and Steve,
he didn’t know who they were at first we had to explain. I
told him we were leaving and he was asking me where I was
from and if I was coming back to blackpool. I said maybe
and he said I had to come back and see him. he said do I
get a cuddle then?? I said yeah, I hugged him (Lucy turned
around at this point). he just held me in his arms, like he
never wanted to let me go. he was staring into my eyes for
ages then he leaned forward and kissed me. I was copping
with him for quite a while, he grabbed my arse and held me
so tightly. he made me feel more special in those few
seconds than anyone else ever has, even mike. we stopped
and as I was walking away he squeezed my hip and I started
laughing. I walked up to Lucy and she was asking me what had
happened. I can’t believe I didn’t get his mobile number! I
miss him so much already. imp never usually arsed if I get
off with someone, I just think about how much I love mike
and then I forget about it. but Pete was different, he
really meant something to me. there was a connection
between us, it’s really strange. I have to go back and see
him soon, before he forgets who I am. if I mean as much to
him as he means to me then he won’t forget......

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