casey vespa

street knife fight
2001-10-27 18:17:14 (UTC)

i am at rachaels house

Bleh to all you guys...the only reason i wanted to write in
here is so i could hear what you all have to say. Too bad no
one ever says anything regarding ANYTHING!!! gra. Maybe
im just over-reacting and being dumb..but i cant help but
feel a little disappointed to NEVER see anyone write
ANYTHING to me again!!! sadness...
so whateva...

I was supposed to see brian, that guy i like and who likes
me yesterday. We had planned it a few days before, but
damn cross country meet got me back TWO HOURS later
than i said...and then by the time i called him he said it was
too late to do anything (basically) and how about tomarrow
wwhen we can have more time...soooo yeah. We'll see how
that works today. Supposedly we are going to a movie or
something. I really hope this works out eventually...sigh.
Boys boys boys...
Man i need some coffee! like i said, im at rachaels house
and there is no coffee to be her's just doesnt
match mine. Mine is toooo good...ahhh...coffeeeee...

well ill be back later
have a wonderful day everyone