even elizabeth hurley goes to the loo
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2001-10-27 18:04:28 (UTC)

brad pitts bathtub

so, its one... lee called early and woke me up, 940, i
didn't answer the phone, so he paged me... he called to say
he was ok, which is nice, im glad he did that im proud of
him, im glad hes ok... lee sometmies takes unneccesary
ricks, but... hes lee... you know? aslo, mike not dan
showed up at like 1230, with osme other dude,and htey are
like, hye... whats up? we're looking for lee to film, we're
waiting for him... whats up? so they chilled here for a
little bit, and thats always fun, wake up to fome fun boys
at the door... its too early to do this, im tired....