A goth's adventures in New Orleans
2001-10-27 17:27:09 (UTC)

The day after

Heh, first off, let me warn you, I'm STILL a bit tipsy from
last night.... ;-)

Day with parental units:
It was kinda fun, they made me be a tourist. It was
anoying and fun at the same time. I actualy had a guy try
the "I bet I know where you got those shoes from." trick on
me. I guess we realy did look like tourists. Father can't
realy walk much anymore, so that kinda put a damper on
things. I got a gift cirtificate for B Dalton, which was
automaticly used for 3 Pratchettes I havn't read yet. ;-)
After a couple of hours Father and I started grating on
each other's nerves. We held it in check, though, which is
good. Took them to Pirate's Alley for some drinks. That
was amusing. They deffinatly felt out of place. They
left, which brings me to.....

The Night:
Oh, muh Gawd!!! You would never think a skinny person like
me could drink so much!!! I LOVE this city. It's a
tradition here to pin a dollar to somebody when it's their
birthday, wishing them luck. It's easy to see when it's
somebody's b-day. I had people wishing me a happy b-day
that I don't even know, everywhere I went, "happy b-day,
man" It was great. The Crow Bar was even packed full of
goths. Danced a little while, which was good. I was realy
in the mood to dance.
Well, I better get, need to start getting ready for the
picnic. I have to get shit to make a stir-fry, mmmmmmmm,