What lies Beneath
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2001-03-14 23:50:54 (UTC)


^^^^^^ thats my life a wavy line of black, dark, and gloomy shades...
Don't know if it might, hopefully, go straight...i need comfort, love, and shelter. not no ordinary shelter, a shelter
of friendship and trust, like any other person would think...thats right...ThInK...that one word i wish i could turn into
something other than thoughts or dreams...its not wrong to have thoughts or dreams....just not all the time...we
have to know that we could make it happend if we try our hardest....my mind can't think the way i want it to...do
you understand? If you dont, dont worry cause i dont either...well if you do please tell me...i really need it
badly...my head spining in directions i didn't know it could go O_o...all i want is a straight line with no empty,
wasted spaces...one like this __________ but a little higher...as high as i could reach...it might take some time to
achieve want you really want but don't worry you'll get there...i know you can....
by: katie summers

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