Muh Diary..about my boring ass life
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2001-10-27 17:04:03 (UTC)

Yesterday -sigh-

Well,last night Beth dragged me along to another one of her it was me,Beth,Mike W(Beths boyfriend),and
Mike C(he likes me,but I dont like him-as a crush type
thing anyways) anyways...we were there,and Mike W
had already told Mike C to back off a little cuz I didnt
wanna go out with him,so from the beginning he was quiet n anyways,to make a long story short,I kissed a
guy other than Mike,and he got upset about it.I felt really
bad,because he really wanted to go out with me,and I just
kinda rubbed in his face in a sense that i didnt wanna be
with after we got home Beth and I talked
alot....about stuff,just about everything there was to talk
about. It was kinda funny tho,cuz she walked in my
house,and saw one of our cats,and shes like "what cat is
that?!" and I was like "Its Chase,u dumass" and she was
just like "OMG are u serious?" lol,cuz she hasnt seen him
in was pretty funny,guess it was a kinda 'hafta
be there moment',but oh well. Im gonna go