Ugly on the inside
2001-10-27 16:53:05 (UTC)


this week has been pure hell, misery and did i mention
hell? argh. I want to get out of here so badly. I want to
be gone... i want to be away from it all. I want to move. I
no longer see a friendship within anyone. It may be my own
falut and it may not (depending on the case.) no one cares
anymore... not about me, not about anyone. I'm sick of
having nothing but me and music which i can't even seperate
myself from. The day the world went away is one of the best
songs ever. yell yell yell... that's all everyone ever
does. I don't have anything left inside to do. i need to do
homework, but i can't. my book is good, a little twisted
and VERY random. I have to rewrite all of my responses
because i did them wrong or something. argh. i'm just sick
of it. i'm going to bed. (metephorical or something... )