aris' thoughts
2001-10-27 16:00:33 (UTC)

not good

oh man do i have a very bad feeling inside. i just tried
calling Mistress and got Her machine.....sighss..... why is
this happening to me? its been a couple of weeks sense i
have felt this cold eerie feeling about Mistress and i ,
hopefully i am just paranoid. Mistress, hubby moved back in
with Her yesterday so am hoping all is ok, am hoping
Mistress is busy with things at home and didnt sit and wait
on me last night, i pray She did not. wish my sis was on
for i know she was most likely on last night and saw or
spoke to my Mistress, maybe or even Sir HJ but spooky thing
is noone i know is on noone. bob is off today and is out
with Becky at this time , T is at karate and god i wish my
Mistress was here, i am realizing just how dependant i am
on Her, and i feel frantic from not being with her last
night, i feel something is wrong and hope She is ok. well
anyways, is Devils hockey night but i am not looking foward
to game today, wish i could shake this feeling, maybe
Mistress will call soon, or something. i often wonder why i
get these feelings of panick, most of the time when i feel
something is wrong it usually is, all i can do is wait and
make sure to not act on my feelings, not be immature or
foolish enough to risk anything. so i sit and wiat
patiently, as my Mistress would expect