What lies Beneath
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2001-03-14 23:34:34 (UTC)

I have no clue what love means...

I have no clue what love means. My best friend, Nick, told me he loves me! I said i love you to in a best
friends way, but no, nick meant in a relationship way. I'm going to have a heart attack at the age of 12.. I never fell
in love before, but people say love conquers all, but, hey, loves not going to conquer me until im ready. I dont know
what to do anymore, my mom might be prengant, my best friend sence we were 10 months old is in love with me. I
don't know if i love him or not...until he kissed me for 2 staright minutes...i felt a spark in my heart and a twingle in
his eyes...ugh i sound like one of those poets from England. I have to say somethin to him, that i love him in a best
friends way and i always have. Please if you have any advice please write to me...i really need someones advice
that i dont know. That i know wont tell any one cause they dont know me. Well please write to me. Right now i
have a feeling that says "What reality? And whats Ficton? Where's my horizon goin to end?" well bye...
by: Katie Summers