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2001-10-27 15:56:18 (UTC)

Middle School

So, this past week, I have dealt with stuff that I thought
I left behind in middle school. Let's see if I can
explain. A really good friend of mine for 2 years, started
liking this girl, which is no problem, but she was not the
best person to like. She lied, got jealous quite easily
and tended not to like his "girl" friends, of which he has
many. Well, he came to me for advice, so I gave him the
advice which I saw fit. His final decision was that he did
not want to date this girl, bot just because of the advice
that I gave, but because he's not looking for a
relationship right now and also because he wasn't sure if
he liked her all that much. So, now no matter how it is
looked at, I will be to blame for the non-existance of
this "relationship." And, most likely I will be very
unlikable by her and one of her friends, whom was my very
good friend until recently. But, it's okay, because they
are freshman and seem to still be stuck in the high/middle
school mentality. Let's grow up and realize that this shit
doesn't go over well in college.
On a better note, this situation seems to have brought me
closer to the guy that I have been friends with for 2
years. Also, one thing that really hurt me was that
another one of my really good friends says that I am being
bitchy to the girl who lies. I explained a situation where
the girl picked up an object for every time that one of
his "girl" friends touched him. An object is like a knife,
or other things. And I mentioned this to my friend who
thought I was being bitchy and he said, "Well, she only did
it once." The whole point is that she has done it!!!!!
I'm just glad that this week is over and that I get a
little break by going to New York on Monday to see the
opera "La Boheme."