Life's Wonders and Blunders
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2001-10-27 15:51:15 (UTC)


Hello again, i went to the gay pride parade tonight, it was
pretty cool. haven't been to anything like that for a
while, it always feels like a movie because everyone's
running and everything's bright. It kind of came and went,
like flashing by in a second. Going into the city's a bit
like that- i often feel like i'm standing outside of
everyone else, they're so caught up in the saturday night
routine and i'm just watching them. Everyone looks so good!
Also today i went and saw my Mum, and went to a local park
fair, that was nostalgic. I also caught the train back from
uni and listened to two girls talking who were going on a
blind date. That was really cool, it gave me the idea for a
novel. Never written one before, but i probably could,
maybe. Like i could have just gone and talked to them, but
i'm too shy. I like to watch things happen rather than
change them, but i don't mind. I have plnty of time to
develop courage.
Oh yeah, i should tell you i'm left-handed. One of the 10%
who are. I love it, i feel different. Okay, that about does
for today, see you later. :)