*My Diary, Read it and Weep*
2001-10-27 15:46:45 (UTC)

Well.....New Guys??

Could this be possible? MORE GUY DILEMAS? Yea, believe it
or not, I have more guy probs! (and about the other guy
prbs, i have SOO forgotten about 20 yr old and allan) yea
but now its in between Chad and Patrick, SO HUNG UP ON IT!!

Patrick: So adorably sweet, havent seen him in person tho
(only on the phone, met him through my GF Ki)!! But I am
already falling for him, he is soooo intelectual,(talked to
him on the phone for like 3 hrs after Chad called, and MANY
times before this) and funny, and, cares TONS about girls
from what i have heard about his previous relationships,
but yet they all ended up shitting on him big time!! So hes
been hurt a lot, but hes is gradually gettig over it, Omg
hes wonderful!And hes like hitting on me but its sweet
stuff, not like omg i wanna do u! hes not like that, its
just not him, and he is incapable of being a major penis
head!! Like its not in his nature at ALL! Hes like "u know
i have tried sooo hard to be mean and shit, just cuz girls
dont like nice guys, and then i cant keep it up so it just
makes me seem like im PMSin like a chik, basically cuz i
only do it for two days then am nice again!"so i dunno, but
he lives like 30 min away from me and we dont go to the
same school as chad and I do, so it would be a lil
difficult, so i dunno...helpp!!

Chad: TOTAL HOT ASS!!!! But doesn't seem that interesting,
and i need somoene to keep me entertained and NOT BORED
basically. He doesnt talk very much(but when he does it is semi
important), and well doesn't have
much to say(as far as deep conversation goes).....but he is
also a total sweety(so far), and hes like soo good to chix (well he
has been to me) but his ex gf's are some of my VERY good
friends and they say he is a just a sweet talker and that
he cheated, which i only believe partially, i think they
cheated on him personally, and i kno that thye r my friends
but hey its the truth, (and i totally dont mind a sweet talker)! But
he called me last night (before
Pat Called me) and we were on the phone for like an 1hr and
a half, and he asked me out..and i want him SOOO bad and
have for a while, but for some STUPID ass reason i
said "lemme sleep on it" like a crack phein!! But i guess
its just the girl in me saying be a chase,make him wait and
anticipate. I dunno! But thats all i think is chad chad
chad, but hes goes "will u go out with me," and im a complete
dumb ass about it and have prolly lost my chance, but hey
if he likes me hell wait! But see he goes to the same
school and lives 2 min from my house, so it'd be easier to
see him, than it would be dating patrick! UGH i dunno, HELP

well?? Yea i kno, confusing, as all of my relationships r!
But help me out if u can plzz, send me feedback! Love