aris' thoughts
2001-10-27 15:43:56 (UTC)


why is it when something is most important to me it does
not work out? after not being able to get on Thursday night
and my Mistress understanding (which i am most thankful
for) it happend again last night...grrrrrrrr... Mistress
and i had such a good day yesterday, in fact, so good it
made me need to nap...grins..after bob got home from work i
fell to sleep on couch for a good 2 hours waking up at like
8 or little before. i was excited to feel so good and to
come to Mistress knowing how good i felt, i was very well
rested and ready for whatever She chose for me. so at
feeling my best i put kids to bed earlier than normal for
weekend night and had coffee and just waited for bob to go
to bed. never happend...sighs... oh he went to
bed but not til after 1 in the morning and when i got on my
Mistress had left already, so again Her pet didnt get to be
there for Her. ok i cant write anymore am going to call
Her , will write more later.