Lost Slut
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2001-10-27 15:24:48 (UTC)


i heard a story on aol that i thought was the very close to
my ideas..

a strong woman was married to a over confandant man..she
was even demure to him because she had thought thats what
she was to do..untill...she had found out that her hubby
had been cheating..and that everyone knew about she
felt humilated..shamed..she got pissed..and she came up
with a plan to put her hubby in the same place that she had
been...she started out by dressing sexy a new hair
cut which made her look powerful..then she asked her hubby
to wear her panties because it made her hot..he did this
while they were having sex..sooon she only had sex with him
if he wore panties..then she started him on mild
bondage..hubby took to it like a fish to water..the wife
found out that the hubby had ended the affair soon after
the wife quitely took charge..she knew she had to go slow
in order to fully intrap she started to mildly
dom him in and out of the bed..all with the underling of
sex as the tool..the saying her sister had told her on her
wedding night was some what true.." a hard cock has no
concicense"..she was becoming more stronger and confident
in public while her hubby apeared to be hen pecked or
weaker...some even said he was pussy this stage
she had worked him up to taking a dildo..even begging for was time to trap him forever..she wanted him to
never have his freedom again to impose himself on
women...soon she was telling him about dating other
men..this fueled the hubbys postion that his wife was the
master...he had wanted her to take charge long ago..he was
getting his wish...after 14months of her in was
nothing for her to take his ass..or to tie him up or to
tell him of storys of her fucking other men(which he knew
she could not do..he was the only worm in this relationship
that could have done that..he felt guilty)..on april first
she had him call into work..he had been in a chastity belt
for almost 60days..she played with him all day with the
alure that he would get to cum..something he want to do
with the very sprit of his sundown she had him
tied to an ottoman..dressed as a sissy maid..his cage still
in-tact he was blindfolded..he knew that he was in for a
treat she had been hinting to it all week...a few hours
later she had him begging for a cock to was
placed in his mouth...he like to passed out form the
excitment..he sucked it for all he was worth..he had wanted
it..because she had wanted it...the cock pulled out and she
had him beg for a cock in his ass..which he did..he had
been trained ..this is what hes good at..he wants it..more
than he had a fear fo being taken in the ass by a real
man..he beg..loudly.."i want it please give it to me"..the
man put it in his ass..which he happly took..the guy was
huge..the hubby was about to complain when a cock was put
into his mouth...once he was filled..his wife took off the
blind fold...she told him in his ear..that this was going
to be his new life from now on..and if he didn't go with it
than everyone in the room would make it hard for
was then that he looked around the cock and saw his 2 of
his ex g/f's three girls from the office..a few of the
wives of his guy friends...his wife's sister who was
holding a video this he heard his wifes cheated on me for the last time...your now
going to be the will never be with a woman
again..all these women will see to that any women that you
come into contact with will know that your a sissy
slut..not a real man..and the video is for your family and
your boss's at enjoy your first fucking..but it
wont be your last..and as of today i am taking on lovers..i
have lost respect for you and you will never get it
back..your not a real man to me..your now and forever be a
sissy slut..enjoy your new life.

thats it..i like it because he was lulled into it because
of his sex drive..and because he was a weaker man..and that
he had no choice.. and that his wife finnaly took
charge..hope you enjoyed was told to someone on