Rudy Parker

Rudys World
2001-10-27 15:21:39 (UTC)

All About Me And The People I Know And Love

Dear diary, hello my name is Rudy Jane Parker, i am 12
years old and my birthday is September 3rd.I was born in
the year 1989.I had a brother named Dan but when i was 4yrs
he died of menigitas.I have a boyfriend called Dominic Box
he was one of my best friends untill he asked me out.We
started going out on 6th October 2001 and well...its not
ended yet and hopefully it wont end any time soon.I am a
very tall girl (for my age) i am about 5'7.I have blonde
hair blue eyes the whole shabange.I love to draw and listen
to music.I live on a none working farm in england,my mum is
42 and her name is Kay her birthday is the 15 febuary she's
really nice to me and some times spolies me,my dad is 43
him name is michael but all his friends call him mickey and
when there drunk mickey mouse. i have one of the coolest
grannys on the face of this earth her name is crystle ime
not going to put her age down because shell not like that
but her birthday is the 17 febuary SO DON'T LET ME
FORGET!"!! i have some cool friends but these are my bests
Natalie Dicinson,Ellie Wilson,Jessica Craig,Sarah Blackburn
and Jaeger Needham. Jaeger is going to stay with me for 3
days starting this monday because her ma par are going to
italy.I have never had a Diary Before But ime sure it will
be a blast and you must excuse my grammer and spelling
mistakes bye