Innocent Girl, Interrupted
2001-10-27 15:21:39 (UTC)

Friday - 10.26.01

Well, I had my EEG today and the results read, and nothing
is wrong physically in my brain... aka, I'm normal! lol...
well, now the only thing left to answer the passing out
diabetes or hypoglycemia, so I have to have a glucose
tolerance test.

Last night, we LOST our homecoming game. Losers, eh? We
WERE going to go to the playoffs, too... HA, forget that
now. The game was fun though... but it was COLD! It was
about 35 degrees. When we first got there, I was with some
people from my church and we passed out free cokes. We got
100 cokes passed out in less than 30 minutes. It was a lot
of fun! Then, they left and went to the movies, so Jared
and me hung out w/ some kool people from school. We ran
around under the oposing team's bleachers, acting crazy. I
was the only girl in that group, so it was pretty funny.
Jared got in trouble w/ the cops for jumping up on the
fence between the croud and the football team, and then he
got in trouble for giving me a piggy back ride underneith
the bleachers. Stupid cop. Everytime he came around we'd
scream, "I SMELL BACCON!" It was pretty funny. Then, jared
made a grnd exit. He rolled down the bleachers on the
oposing team's side! it's tradition for him to do that now.
He did it last year and it looked so real, everyone started
screaming, "OMG! That kid fell down the bleachers!" It was

After everything was over, we took DeWayne, James, and
Clint home. David and Bryan had rides. I stayed w/ Jared,
and we went to our field. He got a little TOO turned on,
and was trying to get me to let him come inside me for just
a moment b/c he wanted to feel as if we were "one" and
wanted to be "as close to me as he could." I didnt let him.
I'm not ready for something like that. He said if
it's "anal" and he didnt even go in all the way, I would
still be a virgin, but I dont know. I dont want us to make
a mistake, so I just laid there and cried, and he stopped
trying. Maybe I'm over-reacting, but I'm scared to death
that if we get too close physically, we'll lose our tight
emotional/mental bond that we have... and that's much
better than a physical one. So I dont know what's going to
happen. When we got to my house, he asked me to think about
it b/c he really needed to be close to me. I shook it off
and just went inside. Then he got online when he got home
and started talking about it again... I couldnt stand it,
so I got offline and went to bed. I dont think we're ready
for something like that... and even if he is, I'm not. And
I'm not going to do something if I'm not ready.