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2001-03-14 23:04:55 (UTC)

Today went better, if not well...

Today went better, if not well.

MDM, N, D and I are getting along okay. Except that they
left me out for the project in Art. I didn't mind very much
because I ended up with AD and V, two girls from the first
group (see earlier entry). We are going to do a surrealism
painting. We were thinking of a beach, upside down, so the
ocean is the sky, with some mermaids and unicorns as well.

I don't like E so much now. He's a bit short...and kind of
immature. And I was never really, really interested in him,
so now I am basically taking it easy...there's no guys right
now that I'm particularly fascinated with.

We also had Phys. Ed, which I normally hate but today went
well. We were doing a "Step" routine practical exam. In
alphabetical order, we each did a little movement. Then the
next person had to do the last and hers as well. I was very
lucky, being number fourteen, because the teacher decided to
start over at the next half of the list, so I simply did the
easiest exercise I could think of. Everybody was very

So this was my day.

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