a little piece of me
2001-10-27 14:46:36 (UTC)

little brother

well, my little brother blows me away sometimes. i'm
really glad he came. last night, when he got here, we
compared videos that we had downloaded off the net. good
thing we have the same tastes in music. lol. he had a
couple kick ass rammstein vids that i hadn't seen.
rammstein is awesome. only a few hours until i get to see
them!!! anyway, then we went to the bowling alley on
campus. on the way over, however, the damn campus police
pulled me over because his truck had a headlight out (of
course i was the one driving...). it had just gone out
earlier that night, and we told the cop so. he said it was
cool, told us to get it fixed, and that was that. pretty
cool, i guess. then we headed in to the bowling alley, but
there were tons of people there. i kinda freaked out
(panic attacks are getting worse and worse...better not
happen at the concert). my brother was cool, though. we
played a few games at the arcade by the bowling alley, then
headed to the pool hall to play darts. all these places
are in the union, and they're cheaper than the same types
of places in town. hehehe. i'm all about cheap. anyway,
i kicked his ass three out of three games. we played
cricket, cut throat, and 901. we were cracking up the hole
time about such stupid shit. we both have a very, what's
the word? warped? yeah, warped sense of humor. it was

after darts, we played a round of air hockey, which he
totally creamed me. i used to be pretty good at that, but
haven't played in awhile. then we went to wally world. he
bought some black hair dye. lol, my parents are going to
t. shit when he goes home with black hair. oh well :D.
came back here, goofed around, hooked up my dvd player,
then yaked for a little bit about the concert and stuff.
all of a sudden, out of know where, he was like, 'you know
i love ya, right?'. i was really shocked. i think that
was the first time he has ever been so blunt about that
sort of thing. usually he says stuff like, well, i don't
hate you. lol. i think he knows about how much trouble
i've been having lately. he's very smart and intuitive. i
was flabbergasted. i was just like, 'yeah i guess'. he
really is a good kid. i'm glad he's here...i know i said
that a few times already, but i really am. well, it's about
time to wake his lazy butt up! got lots to do before the
concert. we're leaving in 5 hours and 12 minutes! so, it
starts in 8 hours and 12 minutes. oh i'm so excited!!!!

alright, must commence the long process of waking him
up...this could take awhile...lol.