Angel lips

My walk through Life
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2001-10-27 14:38:51 (UTC)

Saturday, October 27, 2001.

Ok this is my first entry, so i'm goin to try tell you all
a little about me and my life. I'm a teenage female on my
journey through life. everday i plan to tell u a little bit
about my life, and how it is going. I'm currently what
seems to be the perfact guy for me right now. He's kind,
caring, sensative, and most of all, all mine. :) next
friday we will be celebrating out 2 month aniversery. :)

Saturday: Well, so far today is just another boring fall
day. its about 10:42 Am. and i'm just sittin here on the
net talking to my friends.Well, a lot has been goin on
lately, about 2 weeks ago i went to the model search
america and made the call back session. it was one of the
best feelings in my life, here u are sittin there in a room
with 175 other people knowing that only 30 of u can make
it, and I did! it was amazing, i haven't really been doin
much with that lately, and i won't be until june when i go
to chicago to met with 43 major agencies from all around
the world. it should be fun. School is pretty cool i guess,
i raised my d in yah well,i kinda have to go
my friends are gettin a lil mad. ttyl *~*~*~* ME*~*~*~