all my meghan....
2001-10-27 13:50:11 (UTC)

Last week's edition of all my meghan....

A bout a week ago i sprained my wrist and swam with it ,i
went to the doctor's and he said no swimming well i changed
my mind this morning, after yesterday being beat with a
foam noodle by my swim coach.I reliezed today that life
sucks and you just gotta get use to it otherwords your
screwed.Speaking of being beaten and screwed over, have you
ever had to go on a scavenger hunt(who honestly has a
boiled egg) at 9 o'clock at night in taylor added that we
were in our halloween costumes and we were extremely hyper.
You know how hard it is not to laugh when this cute guy
come to the door and all you want is a safety pin and he
wants something more.. by the way steve is rotten i almost
had to exchange something for that safety pin ... almost,
but considering the fact that we were late, we had people
tell on us b/c we were frolocking... ohwell "life is my
playground and i got plenty of time to play."-me
What happens when you have never done anything wrong
(that they know of), and you get called down to the
principal's office for being dangerous(added i am in a cast
and a splint)and he laughs at you b/c he thinks you aren't
dangerous... what an insult ohwell ...

see yall later

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