Karen & Austin~edd=11-15-01
2001-10-27 12:34:10 (UTC)

Thursday & Friday

I did a total half assed job of babysitting Thursday at my
house.I slept almost the whole day.I sent them outside to
play for a while.I was cooking their noodles and fixing
their spaghetti without the meat my dad already put in
it.There was a lot of banging outside so I guessed they were
jumping in the back of my dads truck.They werent jumping in
the back of the truck.They were jumping on the damn ROOF of
it!I rushed out the front door and told them to get
down.Then they leaped over the side and ran laughing.I dont
know why that normal reaction pissed me off so much but I
said"Fine!You dont want to listen?Dont cry to come in!"I
called my Maw's cell and she said she was up the street and
would be home in 5-10 minutes.The kids said they were cold
so I threw their coats out the window.They refused to wear
them outside.I was lucky they put their shoes on for me.When
my mom got home she brought them in to jump on the couch.My
nephew asked when their mom was comeing.I told him"She'll be
here in a half-hour ago."I always say things like that to
make the kids smile when I lose my temper and yell.When my
sister got to my house I told her the kids would have to
come to my house for me to babysit.She started complaining
about the 15 minute drive being too much since she had an
hour to get here and back to decorate for the party friday.I
wanted to tell her to keep her damn kids home but I didnt
because she can out-argue me on anything whether Im
justafied or not.
Friday the kids came here and I felt like the biggest bitch
in the world.I watched what came out my mouth because theyre
kids,its not their fault I dont beat them.Wayne went in the
back room to watch a cartoon stephanie didnt like.Then he
came out saying how good those chips were.My Pringles!I feel
so fat and greedy for getting mad.I cant stand the nasty UTZ
chips everyone else likes so its rare for me to have my
chips at all.He did leave me some,2 broken chips.Steph
started crieing about wanting some too so I jently placed
them on the table for her and walked away.There was a half a
jug of grape juice left in the fridge.The kids drank right
from the bottle.I wished they would spill it so my mom would
correct them for drinking from the jug.She sat at the table
drinking her coffee.I bitched so much she said she wasnt
going to work.I told her the reason theyre so bad is because
Id never ever put my hands on them at all.She told me she
knows theyd wreck the house and I still wouldnt 'smack their
asses'.She took Steph with her and I swore she wouldnt last
2 minutes at work with stephanie.
Wayne was exilent.He asked if he could put on cartoons and
cover up with me and tipsers(my dog).I was half asleep when
he woke me with 2 sodas and asked if we could drink them.I
made him chocolate milk instead.Nobody remembered we had
that suryp.This is so cute,A while later he came in saying
"Karen,I can pour it by myself now so you and the baby can
sleep."I had to laugh at him.His smile looks like a Jack O'
Lantern now because hes loseing baby teeth and getting rich.
I made myself get up and stay awake to keep him company.He
drank his milk quietly.My dog is afraid of little people
like todlers and kids but she let wayne rub her stomach
laying on her back.Tipsers doesnt even let kids pet her much
so that has to say something about how good wayne was being.
When wayne fell asleep I called my bf for a while.Then my
mom took the kids to their house for their party.At 12:20am
Papa Johns was still delivering:)so maw bought me pizza for
dinner.Even though wayne was being good friday I still dont
want to babysit anymore.I wonder if my sister will alow me
to stop babysitting for her without me haveing to say how
bad her kids are when she leaves.