Realizations of a 24yr old convict
2001-10-27 10:15:39 (UTC)

broken thoughts

Thought Id save a damsel in distress,
only to find myself in distress.
watched a movie about life
instead of living it.
thought Id go live life,
found it drab campaired to the cinimatic version.
so I watched another flick.
Talking to poeple I find Im joe friday (dargnet refrance)
repeating the phrase "just the FACTS mam"
realizing everyday now that with these poeple everythings
not going to be alright
The decline of western civilisation now happening in japan
as the youth realize I wont do what my father and his
father and his father did.
strange the knowledge you aquire in life tare up a sheet
and use a bar of soap to fish tabacco from 10 cells down,
If train a leaves boston and train B leaves ohio when will
they meet,O,oxygen,Ag,silver,C,carbon. did you know all
these cultural differances are a waste of time there is
truly only two kinds of civilization A and B,and were all
here today everywhere in the world because of tolitarion
what next GOD dont even get me started.
please everyone take some time to cry out of self pity
and your feelings of worthlessness
are you vitail today probly not
bought a pick axe today, very happy about that.
Oh have you heard the news yeah once again soccer moms and
poeple who feel the government needs to take care of
everthing just let us take a huge step towards 1984
or ferinheight 451 if you need another literary referance,
tap the cell phone its cool read the next email I send
what ever its cool.
learning about marxisim he said the workers were the true
heros well fuck off marx I work with the same guys you
call heros. smucks losers no movation with out managment
and capitalist scumbags these fucks would starve to death.