2001-10-27 09:42:57 (UTC)

Today I see My Honey-Bear!

Dear Diary:
Today is my big day. I go and see my honey-bear.
He called me last night. We just spoke the other night and man, we are going to have one big phone bill.

HONEY-BEAR, use email and msn messenger. I know you want to hear my voice, but MONEY does not grow on trees. Life is not that simple.

Use some self-control. Just send me an e-greeting card. It is free and simple.

I went to Walmart and bought a new fab Kathy Lee
Sweater in Black with a great faux fur collar.
Today, Honey-bear and I will get our pictures taken together.

Eat your hearts out, because we are one great couple. To all the men who dropped me and divorce
me, tough lucky jerks!

I wish I had a computer than I could email our pictures to everyone. I will just settle on mailing them for Christmas presents.

Well, it is 4:40 am CDT and on Sunday morning at
2 am we change our clocks back to standard time
and gain an hour to sleep.

Winter has hit Chicago. We do not get a fall here.
It seems to elude us and by pass us.

I did not sleep much because I am so excited.
I will sleep better tonight.

Girls just want to have fun. Life is a trip.

Everyone have a nice day.

Love AmericanIrishRose
Karissa Anne