My Deepest Thoughts
2001-10-27 09:40:42 (UTC)

Halloween Party

Dear Friend,
Today was the Halloween party @ school. It was ok. We
worked the carnival 4 the little kids, which the barely
appreciated. We were frusturated & tired when we finnally
got 2 party. We had pizza, cookies, chips, candy, & soda.
We all ate plenty. Then Kelly came home with me. Then we
went bowling. Then we went 2 the movies & saw Riding In
Cars With Boys. DON'T see that movie. It's really bad. Just
don't waste ur time. It's stupid & dumb. Enuf about the
movie. As we speak Kelly is lookin up porn sites 4 god
knows y. I have 2 go 2 boot camp 2day. I don't think I'm
going 2 have 2 go tho. Kelly & I have been up all nite with
no sleep. I know I've been a very bad girl 2nite. Pleez
forgive me becuz it was Kelly 2. Well, I'm tired. That's all 4 now!
More news lata! Bye!