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2001-10-27 06:55:53 (UTC)

Misery loves company

Another night of looking up at the ceiling wondering why i
am here, Another night of feeling helpless and scared. My
dreams are nothing anymore, just illusions in my head.
Things I wish to be, will never be, so why do I find my
self compelled just to think about them.
Alot of things have been weighing on my mind. I want
so much to be a bird"oh if i were a dove i would fly away
into the woods, only then can my soul be at rest"

imagines roam in and out of my head
the story told left unsaid
the things i need
i do not have
the things i want
left to lust
what can i do
be like u
an imaginary pal
to sing the blus
and feel it to
this is my last song
oh tis the day be for tomorrow
shall i stay a bit longer
memories i lost my way
in the palyground did i play
help me find my missing youth
take me from the crowed room
pick me up
dont let me go
mama why do u hate me so
dada what did i do to make u blu
was i too bad
too good
did i cry alot
did i bring sorrow to your heart
sister why bring the wall of wrath
down apound my lil head
brother do not spite me
for tis i should be to u
family hates me this i know
there actions speal louder then any words
hit me
beat me
whatever kill me
my spirit u broke long ago
finish the job
take my hope
my soul
take me
for i am nothing
to anyone

...........tis the end of da world as we know it..........