even elizabeth hurley goes to the loo
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2001-10-27 06:12:44 (UTC)


so.. it hink that ive come to the comclusion drugs are
bad.. i've been thinkingbaou tit alot, and there are so
many reasont hat drugs are bad, you know? but then there
are some good reasons... i mean, reasons why drugs can be
good, if used corectly and productivly, like.... mind
expansion, whihc most people don;t do, but heres when it
goes wrong, when people use drugs for fun, and
recreatioally, which is really one of the main reasons
people do drugs... granted, i ahven't done that many drugs,
but... ive seen some things that suck, and ive heard some
stories that i would not like to have heard, and it hink
that it sucksnot behing bale to have control, and for me,
drugs are somewhere were i dont; have contontol, of my
body, of my mind, and of whats going on around me.. i don;t
like to not have that control, and without control of those
thing, you ccan't have control over what you do, and i
guess, that can control you're future, if only the
immidiate future, but that could fuck things up, you know?
so... i think that my short career as someone that does
drugs is over.... i didn't evn have a career, i had an
interview, and i think i got rejected... they didn't call
em back, and you know, i think thats ok, cause, i didn't
want the job anyway... i only put halfass into the
application, and i tink id do a shitty job.. so... fuck
them! they can take their job and shove it, i think...
because, really, the potential consequences of drug use can
be worse than the potential benefits, although the benefits
can be super... no one should use a mind altering substance
for natyhign but soemthing tha need mind altering, not
because htey are bored.. ive been thinking this for a
while, and people alla round me are getting cracked down
on, and bad things happen, and bad things could happen, and
i don;t want to be ther when the shit goes down, so its
over... i hope i can stick to that, i bet i can... i hope
its not liek all those movies, like, blow, he goes back in
for lobne last trade to pay for a thing for his kid, and he
ends up getiing narced out, and letting his kid down, and
goign back to jail... fuck that was a sad movie.. si i
think im out.. its over.. i hope that i don;t end up geting
caught doing osmehitng i didn't do.. so... not even cought,
but i don;t want to be caught by my actions... so... i
don;t knwo what im goign to do, but i was htinking, im
ashamed of myself, but im not, and im not regretful of the
things ive done, but i never want it to get to the point
where i do have regrets, i never want to have regrets..
ever.. im tlaking to sam, and its sad... he says he thinks
abotu killing himself, but i think it would be terriblky
naive of him to do thta, an di think he knows it too, i
hope he knows it, nd realizes what a huge mistake that
would be cause htere are some many things the world has to
offer him... it makes me sad to see sma like this... it
really kind of gets me down, sam is such a great guy, and
he hurts, and i don't... i don;t knwo, id liek to say i
dont think he understands why... but me might knwo why..
its weird... i hope he doesn;t kill himself,c ause i
think.. i dont; know, i thnk its kind of lame to kill
oneself... i think sam thiks so too, i don;t think hed do
it.. but it scares me that hed think of that... cause,
onceyou think about killing yourself, its hard to get the
thought to go away... and introspection, no good.. i think
sam is intorsepcting, and i also think he needs to stop,
cause hes doing it too much... sometimes introspection is
good, but, its good liek spring cleaning, juts a little to
keep it tidy... you know?

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