My Life
2001-10-27 05:55:10 (UTC)

I met Terry

Terry called me this afternoon to ask me to dinner because
he was back in town, so I said yes, then we had to decide
where to meet, he offered to come to the casino near my
house, which I thought was sweet since it's over an hours
drive for him. I offered to meet half way but he didn't
want me going somewhere I wasn't familiar. So we met
tonight for dinner at the casino. I valeted the car and I
was really nervous, but I knew him when I saw him, and he's
really handsome, tall and clean cut, beautiful eyes. And he
had this country thing going on with the nice jeans and
cowboy boots, harley shirt, he's really handsome I think.
So we had a good dinner although I felt nervous and did
stupid things like i dropped my cucumber off the plate and
was embarrassed. Why does that stuff happen at the worst
times? Then we walked around and talked, we didn't gamble.
Then he asked if I wanted to go have a drink at another
place. So we met down there and had a drink and talked
although it was really loud there with the band and I felt
like we couldn't talk and I was a bit uncomfortable at
times. I got to thinking too much, he'd look at me, and i'd
think, what's he looking at, is he looking admiringly or
saying, geez, what did i get into. So he walked me to my
car and I thanked him and then he kissed me. Very sweet but
I was a little surprised. I usually don't kiss on the first
date but it felt right. We hugged, he said he'd call me
tomorrow (and I was thinking, ya, right, sure you will) So
I came home and checked mail, had a phone call, and when I
got back online, there he was, and he told me how much he
enjoyed meeting me. Said he hoped I had a good time, told
me he loved my eyes, said he thinks I'm very pretty. So I'm
happy that he liked me and I'm hopeful to see him again.
But the truth is, I'd be happier if I didn't care so much
if he liked me or not.
Good night.