What lies Beneath
2001-03-14 21:32:31 (UTC)

Dear Diary Today is march 14,..

Dear Diary
Today is march 14, 2001 and i over-heard my mother talking to her friend about being late.If you know what i'm
talking about. I was shocked and couldn't move, just thinking about being and older sister gave me the shivers, so i
acted like i wasn't listening and walked away. I'm still shocked about the whole conversation, i have to tell
someone, someone i trust and wont tell anyone what just happend...the problem is who?...I decided i should tell
this to my best friend sara. She will listen to me and tell me what i should do. I have a feeling she is
you-know-what because 7 days in a row i went to say good-night to her and she said no cause of her stomach...I
thought she didn't feel good but come on really...im not that stupid, I'm 12 years old and she probably thinks I'm
that stupid to think she's really sick. Please.
Just thinking about my mom being you-know-what is making me sick.I want to say something but it is kinda
none of my buisness. So i should leave it as that. Yup leave it all alone until she knows exactly if she's
you-know-what...tell you more later
by:Katie Summers