Blonde And Dangerous
2001-10-27 05:18:26 (UTC)

1.22(?) Let Bartlet Be Bartlet

Leo: We had breakfast. He seemed very upbeat, very
energetic, very
optimistic about the day.
C.J.: How long do you think do you suppose that's gonna

POTUS: Can we get this Godforsaken event over with so I can
get back to
presiding over a civilization gone to hell in a handcart?

POUTS: I know I'd like to beat you senseless with a head of
cabbage. I
know that for damn sure.
Mrs. Landingham: Once again, you display an immaturity
about vegetables and I think
is not at all presidential.

Charlie: They didn't know that it was raining, sir.
POTUS: Nothing like surrounding yourself with the best and
the brightest, Charlie.

POTUS: You didn't know it was raining?
Toby: To our credit sir, we knew it was raining once it
started to rain.

Leo: You were in a better mood an hour ago, Mr. President.
POTUS: I was in a better mood a year ago, Leo.

POTUS: C.J., are you taller than you usually are?
C.J.: Yes sir. I'm my usual height.

Margaret: My friend, Lynette, from the President's Council
on Physical
Fitness, you remember her?
Leo: No.
Margaret: She's the one where you say, 'Who's that?' And I
say, 'That's my friend, Lynette, from the President's
Council on Physical Fitness.'

Mrs. Landingham: Charlie, tell the president he will eat
his salad. If he doesn't like it, he knows where to put his

C.J.: Well, she takes the three of us [Josh, Toby, CJ] to
town. We don't look like rocket scientists. But, then
again, we're not rocket scientists.

Leo: We dropped five points in a week?
Toby: Yeah.
Leo: We didn't do anything last week.
Toby: I'll say.

Leo: No! You said, let's dangle our feet in the water of
whatever the
hell it is we dangle our feet in, when we want to make it
look like
we're trying without pissing too many people off!