Blonde And Dangerous
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2001-10-27 05:17:55 (UTC)

1.15 Celestial Navigation

1.15 Celestial Navigation

C.J.: Why'd he refuse the Breathalizer?
Toby: 'Cause he's a crazy man who's out to ruin my life.

Toby: Believe me when I tell you this, C.J. I will figure
out a way
to blame this on you.
C.J.: I have no doubt about that.

Leo: Have someone find his lawyer and talk to him. Sam,
there's an
Air Force Lear jet with its motor running. Fly to
County airport, rent a car, drive to Wesley, and get the
associate Justice of the Supreme Court outta jail. C.J.,
Sam sees
one reporter when he gets off that plane, I'm gonna blame
C.J.: Toby's got ya covered there.

Sam: Give me the bullet points.
C.J.: I understand this stuff.
Sam: Excellent.
C.J.: I really do.
Sam: I have complete confidence in you.
C.J.: Thank you.
Toby: Give him the bullet points.
C.J.: I feel bathed in your confidence as well, Toby.

Sam: Your teeth are the best friends you've got, C.J.
C.J.: They are?
Sam: You take care of them, they'll take care of you.
C.J.: When'd you start talking like this?
Sam: I'm nuts for dental hygiene.
C.J.: Go away. Now.

POTUS: "If the shoe fits." Is that the best she could do?
Leo: Of her many transgressions, Mr. President, let's not
about she resorted to cliche.

Sam: Folks, all this is gonna be covered in the two o'clock
briefing. The President's late for lunch with the U.N.
I'm sorry.
POTUS: Thank you everyone.
[POTUS gets up and they head back towards the Oval Office.]
POTUS: That went pretty well.
Leo: We'll fix it.
Toby: Sam.
Sam: Yeah?
Toby: The U.N. ambassador is in Portugal.
Sam: Okay. My bad.

Sam: I'm using celestial navigation.
Toby: Hey, Galileo, get off at the next exit and turn the

Leo: Thanks. Having been born yesterday on a turnip

Josh: Yeah, I heard ya the first time, I was just amusing
C.J.: I can suggest some othew things you can do wiff

C.J.: I can't do the bwiefing.
Josh: Why not?
C.J.: I can't ewen *say* bwiefing.

C.J.: Yoshua!
Josh: Sorry, did... did you just say my name?

C.J.: You get howstiwe.
Josh: I get... hot stuff?
C.J.: Howstiwe, howstiwe. You get howstiwe!
Josh: I don't get hostile! I don't get randomly hostile, I
hostile when hostility's called for.

Josh: Let me tell you something, mi compadre. You guys have
coddled. I'm not your girlfriend, I'm not your camp
counsellor, and
I'm not your sixth grade teacher you had a crush on. I'm a
of Harvard and Yale and I believe that my powers of debate
can rise
to meet the Socratic wonder that is the White House Press

Josh: What's going on?
Toby: Sam feels we're zeroing in on it.
Josh: You haven't found it yet?
Toby: We've been navigating by the North Star, which turned
out to
be the Delta shuttle from LaGuardia. It's a miracle we're
not in
Nantucket right now.

Sam: Let me tell you something. If we'd have stayed on the
parkway instead of getting off at exit 29 and going east to
Greenwich, I don't think we'd have wound up in Bridgeport
so many
Toby: Shut up.

C.J.: You wewe vague, you wewe howstiwe, you wewe

Toby: Have you fallen on your head?
Josh: Listen--
Toby: Have you fallen down and hit your head on something

C.J.: A secwet pwan to fight infwation!

Toby: Okay, C.J., for a little while you're going to have
to write it

Leo: How the hell did they find him in Nova Scotia?
Josh: They have telephones in Nova Scotia, Leo. It's not

C.J.: The Pwesident needs to be bwiefed on the events of
the day.
Toby: C.J., so help me if you use the words "Pwesident" or
"bwiefed" again...

POTUS: What?
Charlie: Good morning, Mr. President. It's Charlie. I hope--
POTUS: What could you possibly want right now?
Charlie: Sir, it's 6:30 a.m. and--
POTUS: In the morning?
Charlie: Yes sir. And I wanted to remind you that--
POTUS: I mean, what in the name of everything holy could
you want
right now?

Charlie: Sir. I need you to dig in now. It wasn't a
nightmare, you
really are the President.

Josh: No, I did not. Let me be absolutely clear, I did not
do that.
Except, yes, I did that.

Josh: Sir, there was this idiotic round robin. It was
There's no way they didn't know that. They were just mad at
me for
imposing discipline and calling them stupid!
POTUS: Okay, before we go on. C.J., if blood is gushing
from the
head wound you just received from a stampeding herd of
*you'll* do the press briefing.

POTUS: You said you were gonna fix it.
Leo: I did fix it.
POTUS: It's broken again, Leo.

Mendoza: They pulled me over because I look like my name is
Mendoza and I'm coming to rob your house.