2001-10-27 04:47:15 (UTC)

la la la la la

ok why is it that i thought me being single will clear away
all my guy problems...well i was wrong! ok like i like 2
guys at the same time.......i dont know what to do..if ur
reading this and u have a suggestion PLEASE help me here.
im like going nuts..well ok this one guy i have known him
since i was in 6th grade..i liked him then..then i forgot
about him until my mom brings him up one day..cuz she has a
pic of my up in her shop and he goes there and she said
there is this guy who is perfect for you..blah blah blah
then i saw him i thought he was cute that was it..but u had
heard alot about him..liek he is a player and what not..but
anyway im at this party saturday i meet this dude there, i
think he is cute we start talking..but im kinda drunk so i
dont reely remeber everthing..we start talking the past few
days then like on the 5th day he buys me a present a watch!
a geneva watch, im like ok..what does this mean....but then
like i think of the other guy and im like damn he is so
much cooler. cuz he is 16 im 15 the other dude is turning
20. so i dont know
i need help!!! and my cousin is in love with the 16 year
old but im gonna go think..bye

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