Lost Slut
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2001-10-27 04:36:57 (UTC)


my mistress has big plans for me..i have been very limited
in the area of anal..she has vowed to open me up in that
area..that sounds has a lover..he has
offered to make love to her while i watch..i felt a pang at
hearing this..because she knows that i am small in the
pants..and that her lover is very big in the pants..the
thought of this is very humilating to i am
submitting to her and yet she has to go outside to get her
fill..hes a real man..i wonder what that makes me?? i am
very much looking forward to meeting her for the first
time..its less than a week mistress will push me
in areas that i have only dreamed of..she will be in
charge..i will give up total control..i will finaly be

until later

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