Tinker Bell's daily amount of goofy
2001-10-27 04:21:47 (UTC)

"Elementary, Watson!"

Lately, I've been doin' a lot of reading: I'm re-reading A
Clockwork Orange (I finally got it back, coz I had lent it
to someone), Alexandros (the story of Alexander the
Great...but I kinda dropped it now -there are 3 books of
that!!), some short stories of Sherlock Holmes (this was an
unsuspected literary treasure. I can't believe how good
they are, and I never payed any attention to them...now I'm
reading the first full-lenghth novel, A Study in
Scarlet...interesting title, ne?), and last, but not least,
I'm re-reading Harry Potter Book 1, now that I finally got
my Book 4 back (I had also lent that one...)^^
On further news, everything seems alright around
here...I'm doing a bit of a project, which involves the
translation and printing and making a special edition book
for a riend's birthday (which is luckyly, next year;
that'll buy me some time to finish it); you know, everybody
at my career ends up doing a book before graduating; we,
rookies, want to do our first big projects now. I wanted to
do an anual report for my site and a book about my projects
(all, in a comfortable carry-case); sounds neat, but I was
talkin' to a good friend of mine, who was lookin' for A
Study in Scarlet, and since he couldn't find an actual
issue, I looked for the Sherlock books on the net, and
found that particular novel; so, I copied it and pasted it
on WordPad (^^), and now I'm workin' on it. Then, I'll
design the pages (structure), print it, and then I'll add
illustrations to it; then, I'll make hard covers, and paste
it all together (the same way I was taught to do
copybooks...), and then I guess I'll have to give it away
for his next birthday...what I do for friendship. Now I'll
have to come up with somehing neat for every friend I have!!