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2001-10-27 03:44:52 (UTC)

Broken hearts

I've seen my sister do it, and I thought why would she want
to do that. I thought its just a guy. Off course then again
I'm in grade seven now and I couldnt beleive it when it
happened. It was at the dance and we were all dancing and I
was like go ask Adam if he wants to dance with me to renae.
So she went over and he never answered. So next slow dance
I really wanted to dance with him and then Natalie grabbed
my shoulders and said dont turn around. Of course being me
I turned around and my heart just broke. For there was Adam
Roy dancing with Amanda pearson. Now I have nothing against
amanda pearson she didnt know i liked him but anyways. I
turned back to natalie who was crying to cuz her crush was
dancing with some itch and she was a Slut. So I stood there
and minded my own buisness for awhile when I saw them again
I'm like "Natalie look" and she turned and shes like "yah i
know i wasent going to say anything though." then jessica
came to us and said that kyle was dancing with the girl
that natalies crush danced with and so we all sat down by
the wall and sulked. Then I saw them dancing again and I
just begain to cry. It was the first time my friends had
ever seen me cry and its probably the last. He was also the
first guy i ever cried over. No one told him I was cryinmg
thank god, but I didnt exactly get sympathy from Makara
because it was my fault he was dancing with her. See he had
asked me earlier but i got embarassed and walked away from
him so he asked her and urrrrgggg I hate myself. I dont
think its love because its just Adam you dont fall inlove
with Adam and yah. I hate him so much though. He led me on.
I thought he liked me but.....its just me.