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2001-10-27 03:35:37 (UTC)

Yard Cleaning Day

Today was yard cleaning day. I trimmed back all the roses
in the front yard, dead-headed the hydrangeas, and weeded.
We cut grass, mulched and swept the front porch and
sidewalk. We had a beautiful day to do it in too. We also
cleaned and mowed the backyard. We need to clean up the
deck and put away all the tools and other things that are
out there that we won't need this winter. Tomorrow
we'll do that and juicie grapes from Eldon's yard and
turn the last of the apples into applesauce.

I've pretty much decided I want to get all the roses out of
the front yard; we'll move them to the country house.
They're too much work and some of them have huge thorns.
I'm going to have John re-seed the front part of the lawn
with grass, leave the bed alongside the garage wall bare
so I can plant flowers, perhaps sweet peas, in the spring
and re-do the bed in front of the house and plant Aunt
Clara's irises there.
I've begun two lists. One is Christmas Preparations and the
other is Christmas Baking. Here they are:


Anytime: Buy gift wrap/ribbons/tags/bows; buy gumdrops,
candy canes, chocolate santas, red/green M&Ms chocolate
kisses, liquor for cookies/fruitcakes, a half-pound of black
jelly beans for John, maple candy leaves for me, chocolate
covered cherries; make mincemeat

November 6-10 Bake fruitcakes and make mincemeat
November 14-21 Plant bulbs for indoor flowering

Anytime: Buy new calendars; begin baking cookies and
making candies

December 6-10 Begin putting up decorations
December 12-13 Buy live Christmas tree
December 14-24 Wrap gifts

Anytime: Find and wash storage containers, buy extra
alumnium foil.

Snowball from Grandmother Rasmussen's recipe
Gumdrop from Grandmama Prevost's recipe
Decorated cut-out sugar
Chocolate rum brownies
Coconut macaroons
Santa Claus (traditional for boys)
Butter cookies with candied cherries
Mincemeat turnovers (John's favorite)
Santa's Whiskers
Cocoa with glaze
Gingerbread boys
Jam thumbprints
Hidden kiss
Orange drop
Cherry fudge
Nut fudge
Brown sugar fudge
Christmas bonbons
Peppermint patties
Yule log