Blonde And Dangerous
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2001-10-27 03:28:42 (UTC)

I'm so numb...

I just got back a few minutes ago from marching. BRR!!!!
Brandon was so funny tonight. He was doing a really cool
Michael Jackson imitation. I mean, it's PERFECT!!!! He
had the hat (from the band's uniforms) and everything.
HOT! Whoo! And he was being fussy about his snare. He's

"Bitch, if you touch this snare drum, I will kick your
motherfucking ass so far you won't get my foot out of your
ass for a week."

So I said,

"I know enough not to, stupid."


"I KNOW you do, I was talking to Jocelyn and Monica."




*slaps her with his el cheapo sticks*

It doesn't sound that funny now. You had to be there. And
Brandon going off in a swearing tirade like that, it's just
not normal. He does it, but when he does it, it's funny!
He wouldn't seem like the type of person to swear until you
got to know him. Hehehe...

"NOw that your rose is in bloom, a light hits the gloom on
the grave..."

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