Do I get my lap dance now?
2001-10-27 03:21:41 (UTC)

I've had it all up to here.

Oh man, is my boss gonna be in trouble. Today in the mail
I recieved an employee survey that the Ballpark Operations
head honchos want me to fill out and return to them. Since
I no longer give a crap and refuse to be employed by those
bastards anymore, I sugar-coated a mild hate letter and
scrawled it down on the lines provided. Here's some of
what I wrote about my asshole supervisor: "Although George
was beyond professional as far as elevator/escalator
operations were concerned, he, unfortunately, is a power
hungry control monster with a perpetually grouchy, self
centered disposition." Written in invisible ink are
several colourful metaphors and a vengeful "Take that,
bitch." at the end. I know my hatred isn't fully expressed
for the man in the survey, but I think they'll get the
general idea. I was short on space, anyway. I hope he
gets a thorough tounge lashing for my letter alone. I know
just about everyone else on his staff despised the guy.
Here's hoping they have to balls to write it down. Bleah.

Anyway, I ventured the commute to Seattle with April today,
and we proceeded to get lost for most of the adventure.
There's this place called Pioneer Square (that I guess some
pioneers hung out at a while ago.) and it's completely gone
to the shits. People get mugged there all the time. It's
sick. Anyway, we walked through it and every twenty yards
was another cop car with a cop doing something important-
looking. They were hell hunky cops, so I didn't mind, and
a handfull of them saved us from one of the countless
harassments by homeless folk. I love police men. Although
two of them were investigating a murder of some sort, I was
glad they were around.

P.S. I loved cops and firemen before it was the moral,
trendy thing to do. I've been watching the firemen down
the road play football for years and I started "Hug Officer
McFann" day at my highschool... That's all.

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pretty if you're gonna be stuck walking around town all day
in the rain.