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2001-10-27 02:48:33 (UTC)


man! i need to stop having mountain dew! i had some tonite
and now i'm practicallly bouncing off the walls i'm so
hyper! i should be with michelle at that dance. i could
liven the party with my energy. i hope that adam read my
note that i wrote him. he's a pretty cool guy. i think i
need to get a b/f sometime soon. the only thing is that i
don't like n e one, so i really don't have a chance. oh
well. i'll get over it. i get to clean out the barn
tomorrow! lots of fun (NOT) the good thing about it is that
i get to drive the skidloader that my dad is renting.
(HOPEFULLY!!!) if i don't i'm gonna be really mad. i think i
get to spread menure too. yummy. hehe. we went shoppin
tonite. i got a lot of clothes. mostly for church. actually
only like 2 outfits, but still. it seemed like a lot more
than that. i also got a new pair of jeans! they're stretchy
and really comfy! i think i'm gonna wear them on monday to
school. well, i'm gonna go look for lyrics now. you all have
a great day!!!!! (what's left of it)

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