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2001-10-27 02:30:30 (UTC)

New Start!!! 10/26/01

This is my NEW START!!
Right now, this very minute, this is the day. Here are my
*Eat Healthy
*Exercise at least every other day
*Weigh 160lbs. by December 25th
*Do assignments right away, no procrastinating
*Keep track of what I eat
*Take time for God, do a devotion every day
*Be confident, don't pity yourself
*Keep up correspondence with old friends
I think that if I can work to achieve these things, my life
would be happier, more peaceful.
Today I ate:
bowl of oatmeal with brown sugar
bowl of chef boyardee ravioli
2 glasses of milk
lg cup hot chocolate
italian seasoned bread
bean and cheese quesadilla
bowl of creamy turkey rice soup
candies - 6 pieces.
Okay. I'm feeling a little down because I don't have any
friends to hang out with here. And Sherry has a lot plus
Peter. So she always has someone to hang out with, and I'm
mostly bored. I mean, I guess it's a good thing because I
do need time to work on my Politics paper, and spend some
time with my mom. Plus, I know that she feels a little
lonely at Oberlin, so I should know what it's like to feel
that way. Suffering builds immense character. It's so
funny how Sherry called Philip wolfe and pretended to be
me. I'm glad that she did though. I really should have
called. I'm just a nerd-bucket. But maybe he'll email me
now. That would be really cool. i really need to get this
paper done, plus my stat problem set, plus my chinese
characters for the next lesson, plus my HAARE midterm. So
here's how tomorrow will work.
work on paper - work on problem set - work on paper -
memorize characters - work on paper
Okay, that will be productive!!! Maybe I can go for a run
somewhere in there too!! Oh, and I have to do laundry as
NEW START!! TODAY!! right freakin' now!!!