I can't help it when I lie
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2001-10-27 02:13:14 (UTC)

new here

New here. Also happily housed at diaryland. Can't think
of what exactly I'm doing here. I know nothing about

I feel like I need help. Someone to tell me what to do
with myself, someone who has the secret to my happiness or
something. Yes, I know that is cliche. And corny. But
I'm tired of the constant search of what is actually me.
And all the empty relationships with random people. I have
never had true happiness. Because I accept things as soon
as they are presented to me, and then I get all gung-ho
about them. And I throw my entire life into one thing.
And once I'm all the way into it, I realize its not me at
all. I don't expect anyone to understand what I'm talking
about since I can't understand it.

I'm listening to the Runaways right now. I really do love
this band.