Borrowed Light
2001-10-27 01:27:14 (UTC)


well hence the tile im camping out tonight. thank god for
good weather...

well not much to say at all....hmm it was pretty cool i
gave the church offering ten bucks last night knowing i
would have no money for the weekend because mums a little
broke, but then she found some money she had been saving
and gave me 30 bucks..i feel good now. i dont know if i
would have got that money regardless of whether i gave the
10 but it feels good anyway..

well my black mood is still looming slightly but i think it
has pretty much retreated, not entirely but it is more grey
know than black.

tonight should be cool, all my favourite people will be
there, im very sore and tired from yesterdays scooter
expedition but its ok, i'll just sleep if i need to. i love
the bush, all the stars and stuff. i cant wait actually. i
dont know if i've told this diary or not, but the stars and
night sky are my favourite thing in the whole world. last
year me and jennie used to sleep out on my picnic table and
watch them. the best night of probably my whole life was
when we saw 13 shooting star..it was so cool. i miss the
old days and the old jen. we just dont get enought time
just the two of us.

well im going to have to go get ready so i can catch a bus

i think this diary says alot more about my life than
coreys does about his, no offense to him, chicks just talk
more, so maybe he wouldnt be comfortable knowing it all. i
mean it says alot about him, but i will give him the option
to read it soon. i keep saying that, but i will...maybe today even.

spot ya later


"meet me in out of space, we could spend the night, watch
the earth come up, i've grown tired of that place."
steller, incubus