Penny for my Thoughts
2001-03-14 20:28:48 (UTC)

Come here and show me those..

Come here and show me those naked dreams you always speak
so graciously of. I would truly love to meet them. Dancin
around like those people do under the mountain. Having so
much to dream up in so little time can be quite
frustrating. Loops of neverending streams of light that
pour out from the sides. Great sides they are. And so
untouched my inhumane acts of bitterness. Cool are my
thoughts that reach my soul and strengthen my desire to
love again. I know there is so much of it out there and it
saddens me to see some go to waste or taken advantage of.
Lovilness is all tied up in the old car you use to drive.
What are you going to do now? Sit and wait until the sun
goes down forever. Typical is what your mother would say.
Nice, like the sweet peach colored dress you always wanted
me to wear, but never could because the days were to cold.
Did you do that on purpose?