My Life.............
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2001-10-27 01:07:28 (UTC)

its snowing.:)

got in from my walk a little while ago, yep, i was walking
in the snow, its not laying though, but, its nice anyway.:)
and A. i know your reading this, i didnt get chased by any
dogs this time.LMAO
jeff didnt come online all day *sigh* i miss him *sniff*
ok enough of that!
i need to take a shower then write Cory a letter, awwww,
hes so sweet.:)
oh, stopped up at H.'s today but there were no lights on
so i just figured no one was there, unless they were all
sitting in the dark.LOL which i wouldnt put it past those
hmmmm, i guess thats it, all i can think of to write

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