Penny for my Thoughts
2001-03-14 20:17:44 (UTC)

So I guess the day is bearly..

So I guess the day is bearly going by. I sweat nothing but
numbers of past thoughts that spread throughout my mind.
Pink here, a little orange there would be my solution of
wondering wether or not I can find my gold pieces.
The otherside of this time and place is only there for
other people to admire. Shame on all of them. I cant seem
to bring myself to speak of those lost words that only
haunt my dreams whenever thought of. Miserable I am to not
have that kind of happiness available within such a grasp.
I love everything that I have become and with no regrets.
Is that so wrong? Is that such a bad thing?
Your opinion means nothing at this point. Be everything you
have always hated and nothing more. I am the creator of all
my own pain. When will you realize that your happiness is
entirely up to you?
Get a little closer to me, and breathe those sacred words
in until your head overflows with thoughtlessness. High up
there you dance freely upon which you came to me and said
that you loved me. Show me the right answer. Or should I
say...I love you?