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2001-10-26 23:45:56 (UTC)

hm my first accident. wow yeah..

my first accident.
wow yeah
you know..
the past couple of months have really tried to fuck me up.
shit like this happens.
"del sol omnibus"
~the sun shines for everyone~

i want emily to be here..
a lot.
and it fucking sucks cuz im not going to fucking see her.
and im crying.
and i just want a fucking hug from her and her to tell me
that everything is going to be okay.
i think im loosing my mind.
so much has been going wrong.
i just want to leave.
fuck everything man.
and i want her here.
and shes not.
and shes not fucking going to be.
because shit got fucked up today.
and ya know.
it wasnt even my fucking fault.
there was nothing i could have done to prevent this.
and now now shit just sucks.
i want drugs.
and i want a hug.
i want to sleep.
but ive had too much caffeine.
and i want to go out
but i dont want to drive.
ever again.
fkcufkfuckfuckfuckfuk ufickfufjc