Ode to a psycho!HA!
2001-10-26 23:19:19 (UTC)


Ex- boyfriend......ex.....friend? I hate it! I hate it so
much I could cry! I don't see why if someone says " lets just
be friends" or in this case it was a joint decision they
don't mean it. I meant it. I don't say things if I don't mean
them. I sincerely want to be his friend. We were best
friends, back in the day. I don't understand, if you don't
have those feelings for someone of the opposite sex, why not
be friends? I'm still friendly to him, and all I ever get in
return is Katie. His current girlfriend. I mean don't get me
wrong, she's a great girl! I love her to death, he's probably
been friends with her longer than I have. But.....he does it
so obviously intentionally. I'll see him standing byhimself,
and go over to him, you know like friends do, say hey, you
know, what are you doing this weekend? nothing? you wanna go
to shelbys and talk or go to the bridge and throw random
things in the water? or watch the sun set, and spill your
guts like we used to do every friday? but the second I get
over there there goes his focus, looking for Katie, looking
for some excuse to walk away, something to say to make me
think he's busy, even though I could tell you exactly what
he's doing right now! I don't like him, I don't like him at way. But we used to be friends. People,
who could talk about anything no matter the situation. though
his relationships, through mine, until we tried. Then I swear
he became this thing.... he wanted me to drop everything to
come sit and hang out with him. I tried best I could, but
when you're in the middle of a show you have rehearsals and
fittings, and I babysit when my parents are working late. So
it was hard, but I made up for it I thought, i bought him a
valentines day gift, and anniversay presents and birthday
presents, and always made time for us to be together on days
like that. I remember before we went out my B/f broke up with
me the day before valentines day, and Nick brought me a card
and said he was my valentine. And now.......I'm lucky to get
a hi out of him. friends.... boyfriends......exboyfriends. hi