even elizabeth hurley goes to the loo
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2001-10-26 22:30:40 (UTC)


so, i just talked to joslein, and shes been feeling teh
same way i have aboutthe kelly/alex/jason/shonee thing, and
im glad that tis not just me, but im liek three days ahead
of her in my coming to grips with it, so.. in a few she'll
be good to go, im great, i met shonee today, and i think
that i built it up in my head alot, meeting him, and it was
kind of anti climactice, but everything seems very
shoneeish, like he had a coop patch on his pans, and a
bandiad on his face, and little spikes on his headphones,
and a tripple five soul hoodie on, and it was like, i
forgot, sometime when we talk its not like hes shonee, its
like, hes guy-o and im katy, and we're talking, and i
forget that his best friends are asian mobsters... im
excited though, im glad im over the thingo, cause that mad
me feel really bad, and i hope joiselin realizes what i
have, that would be helpful for her and for the "group"...
i didn;t write naything in school today, i ate like 5000
lollipops, though.. and i bought some more, my teeth are
gonan fall out, and i went to starbucks without kelly,
first time in along time, and i saw the starbucks guy in
his street clothes, hes a tiedye wearing hippie... and
also, i talked to the austin pizza guy, and he was like,
why don;t you buy pizza anymore? and last time he asked me
that, i figgured he was tlkang to someone other than me and
it made me cry, i was all sad anyway, but this time, i was
the only one there, and hes fun and a half, so that was
good... ahhhhh what a good day! we did teh rops course in
math, and they almost dropped me, and i almost broke my
neck, for serious, it was bad... but they didn't, so that
was cool, cause you know, dying, not cool... my house
smells like cookies, its so great! its almost like a real
home with a real home sitaution, cookies after school,
dinner on the stove... ahhhhhllalaaaaa, how nice, even if
it is only an illusion.... but at least i get coookies and
dinner out of it... lalalaaa... fun day funday, i hope its
gets better, and i hop enothing will go wrong, but things
haven't gone wrong in so long, that i doubt they will go
wrong today, maybe thats naive of me, but it would very
very suck if they did... so, lets not think about it...
hurrah! yay for being good! ahhh dinners ready, tralalaaa!!

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